Oct 16, 2013

Bologna children's book fair... here I come!!

BIG BIG news!! 

I've just bought a flight ticket to Italy and FINALLy next year I'll be able to attend Bologna Children's Book Fair.. wooooooo!!!

Since I'm an organisation freak, I'm already organising everything. I'm too excited to just wait!! 

Actually, the only thing I managed to get done so far is to book a place to stay. I found a little nice place on Airbnb not far from the fair. 

Also, I did some research looking for what other illustrators wrote about their experience at the fair in the previous years.
Luckily, I've found a lot of people who posted about it. 
Here below are some of the best ones I found so far. 
If you are planning to go, I would HIGHLY recommend reading these!!

Genie Espinosa

Maria Bogade

Kariona Chapman

Miriam Bos

Marloes de Vries 

Emily A. Fox

Mel Macklin

I will post later on about my fair preparation. There is so much to do!! 
Still 6 months to go, but I can't wait already! :D


  1. Hi! Looking forward to your next post. I'm very interested in what every illustrator shouldn't go without to Bologna. :)

  2. Hi Aleksandar! Don't worry, I will definitely post about that soon!!:) Btw, I had a look at your website... amazing work!!!