About me

My name is Laura Wood and I'm an independent illustrator living between Australia and UK and proudly represented by the lovely people at Good Illustration Agency

I grew up in the north of Italy devouring books, drawing on the kitchen walls of my parents house and imagining animals could talk to me and become my friends. 

Now I spend my days creating visual worlds for written thoughts and truly enjoying every minute of it. 

In particular, my favourite part of the illustration process is the moment I stumble upon things in a text that weren't there before (or maybe they were just hiding between a comma and an exclamation mark).
Or the minute I run into the right colour palette for a story. That's when the world begins to really come to life. 
Oh, and did I mention bumping into funny (and furry!) characters in amusing stories?
That really makes my day. 

So far, I had the pleasure to work with amazing clients creating work for picture books, educational publications, digital apps as well as editorial work. 

I'm always looking for interesting new projects! If you have one, don't hesitate to contact me, I would be more than happy to discuss your ideas

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