Oct 14, 2013

The way to a client's heart is through his stomach

In the last month, I've been planning to do a bit of promotion with the hope to gain some new clients.
That's because I would like to expand my work to products, packaging and advertising a bit more.

In order to make this happen I decided I needed to do something a bit different than the usual postcard. 
I squeezed my little brain trying come up with a new idea.
The plan was to invent something a bit more creative and try to impress the clients-to-be with my brilliance.

What I came up with is this: a little glass jar that has a label with my own illustration. A sort of a mock up of my little product and packaging. 
I'm not a designer so I've tried to stay away from fonts and actual design and focusing more on the illustration aspect. 
Here it is what the finished thing looks like. 

Inside the jar I added two very important things.

Firstly, some lollies that have two different purposes. Number 1, simply filling the jar. Number 2, getting the way to the client's heart through his stomach! And because of this I hope they will keep the jar on their desk for weeks!

Also, on top of the lollies I've added a little piece of nice thick paper. On it is printed a QR code that leads to a webpage that I've designed (unfortunately I couldn't escape the designing part here) where I introduce myself and explain why the heck I'm sending this thing to them. 

On top of the jar, I added a little sticker that says "Knock Knock. Who's there?". 
I hope my attempt to "enter" their world should be clear at this point. 

These are all the materials I used for the project:
-15 glass jars
-round stickers
-label printed on sticker paper
-QR code printed on thick textured paper

I must point out the QR code is the only way they have to found out who is sending the package.

I figured keeping the sender mysterious would add a bit more interest to the whole experience. 
I know, this could be risky since the usual thing to do would be putting your name and web address on every single element of the promo. 
But since this is an unorthodox way of promotion, I decided to do things a bit unconventionally for once. 

The idea of doing this unusual promo comes from the fact more than once I've heard art directors say they want to receive something unique and clever and personalised and different when receiving stuff from illustrators. 
I hope this little promo experiment ticks all these boxes!

To start with, I'm going to send only 15 of them and see what's the response. So I made a very selective list of all the creative agencies here in Australia I really would like to work with. 
Also, I tried to pay attention to the ones that already use illustrations for their projects.

Now the only thing I have left to do is shipping them! 
This will be definitely the most pricy expense of the whole project.
That's why I will try to deliver some of them myself (without them getting to see me, of course;)). 

Fingers crossed they like it!


  1. Laura I love this idea. Very different.

  2. This is a great idea! I love your execution. This is sure to get some attention.