Oct 23, 2013

My first ever publishing job

Finally, after exactly 12 months of waiting, the first even publishing job I worked on has been released. 
It's called Twas the night before Christmas, published by Ladybird in a board book format with sound. 

I still remember when I got the news from my agency, Good Illustration agency
They found me this job right after signing with them (I can't remember exactly but probably the same week!) and of course I was thrilled but also a bit scared and anxious at the same time. 
Gosh, my first publishing gig!

I was still studying at the time, finishing off the last term of my illustration diploma.
Luckily, everything went really smooth, the Ladybird people were really nice to work with, they gave me lots of tips and suggestions to make the artworks better. 

Here it is some of the original art I created for the book (only my favs!)
I will be able to share the actual book pics with text when I get my copies... hopefully soon!

And here it is the link to the Ladybird book page where you can buy the book! 

I must say, seeing this illustrations after one year, I feel like I would do some things differently. Hopefully this is a sign I've matured and learned some things along the way.
But generally speaking, I am pretty happy how they turned out. I still think I did a pretty funny and jolly Santa Claus!:)

And since I like to see other people's processes, I decided to add also some rough sketches I did during some early version of it. It's interesting to see how the layout in some has really changed!

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