Mar 20, 2014

Getting ready for Bologna - Promotional material

Bologna Book Fair is just around the corner... I'm excited and terrified at the same time!!:) 

Before taking off, I wanted to show some promotional material I made for the event. 

First of all, my mini portfolios. I printed 45 of them and I'm going to leave those at editors and publishers during meetings and portfolio interviews. 
I figured I wanted to give people something more that just a postcard, especially to publishers I see a good fit with. 
Hopefully they're going to appreciate the extra effort and like the range of pictures!

On the first page, I wrote a brief introduction about myself and my work (previous clients, where I live, etc) together with a small photo of myself (they might remember my face in case we meet at the fair!).

On the last page I put some testimonials from previous clients. I figured is always good for publishers to know that, despite rumours, illustrators are actually reliable people!!

Also, I printed 200 hundreds postcards with two different designs, to leave behind when I will run out of mini portfolios. 
And I'm going to use these also for the Illustrator wall, which will have a A3 poster with my bicycle bear logo and a cardboard pocket where I'll be able to put some postcards. 
I'll publish a photo of this when it'll be all set up at the fair!

I printed everything with a European website called Pixartprinting. They were very fast and everything turned out really nicely, especially colours. 
I'm definitely going to use these guys again!

Everything it's finally ready for the big event... if you want to follow my Bologna adventures I would suggest you to follow me on instagram, I predict I'll be publishing tons of pictures!! :D :D

I hope to see you there!!!


  1. Beautiful little booklet! Good luck!!! :-D

  2. que hermoso!! espero que te valla genial en boloñia!!

  3. Hi Laura! I have been reading your blog for a while and just discovered these posts about you going to the Bologna Book Fair last year. I am attending this year and I am already running out of time, classic! Anyway, just wanted to ask you if you remember which kind of paper you chose for your portfolio? I want to print mine with this company as well but I have no clue about the differences between the papers the offer, just their prices. Also, would you tell me how long did it take them to arrive? I looove your work by the way, really bright and honest. If you are going to the fair this year we could meet up! I know you don't know me at all haha it is just that I am going alone :( But it will be fun to meet more illustrators there, interesting and an eye-opening experience, as I know I will get a lot of not-so-nice-but-honest feedback. I still have loads of work to do. Anyway, thank you in advance for your time, and keep on the good work! :)

    1. Hi Leyre, thanks for your message and I'm glad you like my work! The paper I used for that I think it was called Iceberg, very white and matte. You can order a sample pack (you might have to pay I guess) that they send you with all the papers you can choose from. I was lucky and a friend of mine had it! Anyway, I'll be at the fair on Monday and Tuesday, it would be good to meet up, so let's stay in touch! I went there on my own last year, it's a bit daunting but nothing bad is going to happen so don't worry, you'll be fine ;)

    2. Hi Laura, thank you for your fast reply! I wrote a pm to your Facebook Fan Page, you can see my profile there (leyleyleu) and we can keep in touch for sure. I am expecting an overwhelming yet fun experience, I hope I can get a few contacts and meet other illustrators, see if someone likes my work or not! I am going for 5 long days, from Sunday morning till Friday morning (yes, like holidays for me). So I hope I can take it "easily", as I know I can get really anxious! And be able to organise myself through the four days at the Fair to make the most of it. Hope we can meet then! cheers and thank you for the help :)