Mar 11, 2014

Getting ready for Bologna - Portfolio

As I mentioned a while ago, I'm getting ready to attend my first Bologna Children's Book Fair. 

In order to do that, I had to prepare a portfolio that I will show around to as many people as possible. 

I spent some time pondering and evaluating different possibilities on how and which company to print my portfolio with. 

As always, I manages to find invaluable information researching online. 
The followings are links to blog posts about putting together a children's books portfolio. Very useful stuff!

Squid 101: What I like to see in an Artist's Portfolio by Brooklyn Arden
Portfolio comparison - What made an SCBWI winner by Eliza Wheeler
Putting together a Prize-winning portfolio by Molly Idle
Mentee Porfolio vs. Grand Prize Winner Portfolio by Juana
How to put a Children's Illustration Portfolio together by Juana

Personally, I decided to print mine with Blurb
Blurb is a website that allows you to print books of all sorts. 
It's not too expensive and the products are top-notch. 
The thing I really like about Blurb is that it gives you total design freedom. 
In fact, Blurb allows you to use Indesign in order to customise every single aspect of your book. Awesome!!
Also, Blurb gives you a good range of different covers and papers. 

I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. Here are some photos of the printed portfolio. Hopefully it will make a good impression! :D

These are the rules I tried to stick to while choosing the images for it:
- Only very strong work
- Not more than 20 images 
- Keep images from the same project together for continuity
- Start and finish with the strongest images
- Don't use many single images but mostly 2 or 3 images from the same project

Also, I made sure to ask for advice to a couple of illustrators friends (strongly recommended!!) in order to have a different point of you on my work - soooo difficult to judge your own images! :/


  1. Hello Laura! Thank you so much for all the posts about preparing for Bologna, and this one about portfolios, it's so useful! I'm planning on going myself next year, so I'm enjoying this a lot. Of course I absolutely love your style, I would buy your book on blurb ;) it's beautiful.

  2. Lovely!!. Thanks a lot for the information