Apr 26, 2013

Ammo Magazine - The Poop Deck Project

Who doesn't love Ammo Magazine??

I remember I fell in love with it the very first time I stumbled on the website. Since then, I've always dreamed of being featured in it and guess what?? No, it's not what you think... It didn't happen (yet). BUT.

I've been lucky enough to be chosen as one of the 54 artists who are going to be part of the next Ammo awesomeness.
The project in question is called The Poop Deck Project and basically the two main things involve are: pirates and cards!
Yes. Extremely cool...:)

Artists all over the world have been asked to create a character with a maritime theme. These characters are going to be exposed in an exhibition.
Also (and here comes the coolest part) each character is going to be printed as one of the characters of the deck of cards.

Makes sense? If not, just watch this video which shows the printing process.

The decks are going to be available for purchase very soon from the Poop Deck and Ammo website.

Also, I need to mention that the exhibition is going be jointed with The Beer Mat Characters exhibition, organised by the amazing folks of Inkygoodness which happens to be at the same time and same place... how's that!!

Launch party is going to be 30th April at Coningsby Gallery, London from 6pm. If you happen to live there, feel free to check the facebook event and go there!!

It's going to be huge!! Don't miss it otherwise... Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

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