Dec 4, 2011


Yesterday something really unexpected happened to me.
I was walking around Melbourne waiting for my train. Since I needed to wait something like 30 minutes I decided to have a look at some shops around the area and I stopped at Mag Nation (for the ones who are not familiar with it, it's a shop that sells all sorts of magazines and stationery). I had a look around Then I saw the magazine Uppercase

I usually don't see this magazine around very often so I picked it up and decided to give it a look. I saw lots of time their website but never the printed magazine.
I was browsing trough the pages when I saw this...!!

This is a very very very old drawing I did ages ago (as you can see, not even my style!) and sent it to them as part of a contribution thing they were advertising on the website. The theme was pet portrait. They never got back to me so I thought they didn't like my illustration (that it took me ages to finish, btw) or they didn't pick mine amongst all the other ones. And I completely forgot about it. It was months ago. And now I've just found my image in their printed copy! Also, my image has been feature in issue 10 and the last issue printed is number 12. How did this happened without me not knowing anything?
I'm a little disappointed by the fact they didn't contact me saying they chose my image but I can't deny I'm also happy they included it in the magazine.
Anyway, another thing I keep thinking is: what were the chances I could find my illustration in a magazine browsing at random in a magazine shop?? Unbelievable!


  1. wow thats really surprising! congrats on being in the magazine, but disappointing they didn't contact you... I wonder how much that has happened with them.....!

  2. Really great that you've been included, but it would have been nice to know in advance! Well done though :)