Dec 9, 2011

Hire an illustrator... like me!

Hello! Yesterday I decided to boost my online presence and buy a subscription on Hire an illustrator

Here, have a look at what my page looks like, nice uh?:)

Nowadays there are a few of these online portfolios but I decided to subscribe to this one for two main reasons:
-I've already heard a few people saying they got jobs out of it!
-The subscription fee is 320 American dollar per year but you can also chose to pay 7 dollars per week, which is what I've decided to do cause I'm not that rich.

Also, they do other mailing and printing service. You can either send them your own printed postcard or they can get postcards printed for you. I might have a look at this one cause send stuff in the US for me would be really expensive.

Well, now I'm going to sit here waiting for jobs to come in!
I'll keep you posted if that happens.

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