Jul 23, 2011

Anya's ghost

Yesterday I received a parcel from Amazon and inside there was something really nice... "Anya's ghost"!! Finally!:D
I was so excited I started reading it straight away and a couple of hours later I was already at the last page!

The critic on the cover from Neil Gaiman says "A masterpiece!" and yes, it is!
It such a lovely comic about a girl named Anya who has to deal with the difficult years of High School and a ghost friend.

The author is called Vera Brosgol and this is her debut book. What a awesome way to start! She was a storyboard artist for the animated film version of Coraline and one of my favorite artist.

The drawings are amazing, the character is lovely (and it probably will remind you of your own struggle as a teenager), the story is paced and convincing.
So if you like comics just buy it and read it!
Let's support young and talented people!

Vera Brosgol website

Buy the book from here
Read the book's preview here!

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