Apr 22, 2011


This is a project I need to do for school. The brief is to create a character design with collage. I've decided to use exclusively colored paper instead of magazines or other materials scraps materials just because this is the kind of collage I like.
Look at these artists websites... they're really amazing and I took inspiration from their use of the paper to create my first collage piece. I really love the tridimensional effect they are able to create...

Kate Slater

So yesterday it took me a whole day but this is what I've come out with

Now I need to draw a background for my character... any ideas??

(The photo looks a little bit red but actually it shouldn't... sorry!)


  1. I've never even attempted collage before... it totally intimidates me lol... It is amazing to me that people can create so much personality that way. Good luck, looks awesome so far!

  2. I like this paper collage solution, makes me want to break out the construction paper and mucilage and get all crafty. Neat!

  3. very nice, like the colours a lot

  4. Looks like collage is your forte! :) Love the piece and the character, he's cute!

  5. I agree, the colours are incredible - very vibrant!

  6. It's great< I love the colours and that it's kinda raised