May 17, 2016

It's out!

It's out!!!
As promised a while ago, Eve and Elly is finally available in bookstores in Australia. 
Woooooo! Very exciting!!

However, if you're not lucky enough to live amongst kangaroos, then you can always buy the book by clicking on this link.

To celebrate this special occasion, here some "behind the scenes" treats for you, picture books lovers. 

These are some of the preliminary sketches I've done for the main characters... a very early version of Eve and Elly, some of them quite different from the final one!
I always find sketches a lot more interesting than the polished, finished version. 

Some covers ideas 

Also, here a sneak peek of the storyboard as well! I love to see how rough however how similar the final spreads look to the finals!

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