Feb 1, 2016

New book! Echidna Jim went for a swim

Earlier last year I had the great pleasure of working for the second time with Scholastic Australia. Awww, what an amazing publisher! The books they make are just superb. 

This time I worked on a very fun title called Echidna Jim Went For A Swim, written by Phil Cummings

The story is about a prickly Echidna and his friends on their way to the seaside. 
I've found a nice review on the Australian website Reading Time that explains very well the essence of the story: 

"This is a story about cooperation, problem solving and accommodating those who are different to us. Echidna Jim is spikey – physically and in his lack of social awareness. By the expression on his charmingly characterised face the reader guesses that he doesn’t know how to act and feels out of place. When he pushes through a crowd he hurts his pals and when he jumps into the sea he accidentally bursts their buoyancy aids."

Here some a few preview spreads from the book. 

The book is coming out in Australian bookshops today, 1st February 2016!
But if you don't live anywhere near there, you can always get it online herehere or here
Get a copy and let me know how you like it :)

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