Feb 22, 2016

My first school visit

Last October I went to Dubai for a family visit and I was invited to my sister's school to give a presentation about my work and creative process as an illustrator. 

This was my first school visit ever! I must admit I was super nervous at first, but in the end it turned out to be such a lovely experience. The kids were extremely nice and so keen to learn! 

Before going there, I prepared a speech and lots of materials to show to the class. 

I made sure the speech would be quite interactive, with constant questions to the kids (by the way, some kids are capable to give hilarious answers! :D ) and things to show them, like sketches, thumbnails, original drawings and some of the books I made. 

Mostly, I tried to give them an insight of my work process and all the different steps in order to make a children's books. 

At the end, with the help of a white board and coloured markers, I made the kids draw Lucy the raccoon, a character from one of my books. 

I hope they enjoyed it! I definitely did :) 

Here's some photos and a video where I talk about Lucy's character design 

My little sister drawing :)

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