Nov 25, 2013

Santa's Merry Band

Only a month to Christmas and the Christmas spirit is here!!
Yes, literally. 

In fact, the app I've recently worked on called I feel the Christmas sprit is out and available to download!

The app has been commissioned and produced by Mibblio and the illustrations go along with a lovely and very festive song by Indigo Girls (yes, them!). 

Mine is just one of the many songs you can find in the app. In fact, there are many more to chose from and have fun with. 

What I think it's really unique about Mibblio's apps, is that you can play along while listen to the song... harp, guitar, piano, even hand claps, your choice!
You can also choose to turn off some of the instruments in the actual song or even all of them and just listen to the singing voice... pretty cool, uh?!
Let me tell you, this app is a true musical gem!!

Click here to download it and start the fun. 
It's FREE for this first week so hurry up and get it!!! 

I must say I had heaps of fun working on this project and even more when I now play with the app... it's addicting!! 

Here some of the screenshots... I hope you like it!

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