Aug 12, 2013

The Secret Garden

Today I'm VERY excited.

The work I've done a while ago for Parragon Books has FINALLY been published!!!
This is officially the very first project of mine that have been published in a book format. You can understand way I'm a bit ecstatic. 

The book is called Treasury of Classic Stories and it's a collection of  readapted children's classics.
The story they assigned me it's The Secret Garden and I cannot tell how happy I was because of this! I knew I would have drawn lots of plants and animals.... bliss! 
Here some samples with no text and the cover. 

I don't know who the other illustrators of the project are yet, I only know the very talented Sophie Burrows is in it! You can see a sample of one of her spreads here. Her Oliver Twist illustrations are marvellous!! 

I haven't received my free copies yet (maybe because I'm on the other side of the world? Living in Australia has its downsides...) but as soon they get here I'm going to show a bit more of the project. 
Stay tuned!

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