Jun 18, 2013

New editorial work

I haven't been very good at updating the blog lately...
But that's because I've been really busy! 

I'm finally able to share two pieces of work that have recently been published in a couple of Australian magazines. 
The first one has been published in Child's magazine, a family magazine distributed for free all around Australia. 

Actually, last month I had another piece published in this same magazine... but I forgot to post about it!
Here the article

Then I had a piece published in Nature and Health magazine. 
I had the pleasure to work with them already earlier in the year (you can read about it here) and I really like this magazine!
Here the published piece. I had a lot of fun with all those pills and herbs!

I'm currently working on other pieces future issues of these magazines... can't wait to share the new illustrations with you!! 
Stay tuned:)

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