Mar 2, 2013

My first ever diorama

Yesterday, I went to the opening night of True North - first Reservoir Arts Festival. 
There, I finally exhibited what I had worked on in the last month: my diorama piece inspired by the song written by Icelandic songwriter Auður. If you want to get an idea of what the project was about, please read my previous post.
Here some photo of the event

As you can see this is something a bit different from what I usually do. 
I was asked to create a 3D installation piece and at first I was a bit scared and puzzled, not really having a clue of what to do.
But with the help of my artist mentor Belinda Suzette, I came up with this diorama. 
I must say I'm pretty satisfy with the finished piece... and surprisingly, it was incredibly fun to make!!

After this great experience, I've decided I will definitely make more dioramas in the future. Actually, I'm already planning to make my second one for my next exhibition in July... stay tuned!!

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