Jan 12, 2013

Italian discoveries

When I went to Italy for my these past Christmas holidays, I had the chance to visit lots of bookstores and look at what Italian illustration looks like on the bookshelves. 
And I must say I was really impressed! 

Having started my illustration career here in Australia, I haven't really get the chance to see what was happening in my old country. Lots of books they have there are inaccessible here, and vice versa. 
So I seized the moment and bought some Italian illustrated books! 

My absolutely favourite one is "Favole per bambini spiritosi", a collection of short (and cheeky!) stories written by Gianni Rodari (a very well know children's books writer) and illustrated by Mariachiara Di Giorgio, whose name was totally unfamiliar to me. 
But that's why I was so pleasantly surprised, I think. I totally fell in love with her illustrations, they are sooo amazing! 
The style -in particular, medium and colours- reminds me a lot of Isabel Arsenault, a Canadian illustrator that I craaaazy love. 
Here some snapshot of what the book looks like. 

I read the stories and they are as beautiful as the illustrations. 
Best Christmas buy, indeed. 

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