Dec 23, 2012

Two years, Christmas and another era!

I've finally found the time to write another blog post, probably the last of the year.
So many things have happened recently that I didn't had the time to celebrate properly. For example:

- This blog had his second birthday. I planned to have a give away for it but I'm overseas at the moment  so I decided to postpone this in 2013. Stay tuned!

- I finished my very first book. DOUBLE YAY! I can't post sneak peeks yet since I need to wait for it to be published. It's going to be a long wait since it won't happen till the end of next year. It's probably a newbie feeling but I can't wait to speak about it!!!

- I did my second mail promo. I promise I'll post about that when I come back from these holidays.
Now that I'm not a student anymore and I'm on my own I really need to do kick ass promotion!!

- I've become a sub-committee member of Illustrators Australia so this means I'll get to see what happens behind the scenes. I'm very exciting about this one since I've always been interested in being more involved with the illustrator community.

- At the moment I'm working on my second book. I'm soooo really excited about this one, I really like to story and so far it has been really fun to draw. These below are some sneak peeks of some roughs. As you can see there's a girl involved and lots of nature... bliss!!

It's all for now. I hope everyone will enjoy the end of the year holidays. See you in 2013!

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