Sep 25, 2012

New business cards!

Look what I've got in the mail today... my new set of business cards that came in a wonderful looking box!!

I think they look beautiful and the guys who printed did an awesome job! This time I went with Print Together, a printing company here in Melbourne. They use 100% post-consumer recycled paper and vegetable inks. So it's good for the environment and they're local!

I'm very happy with the colours and the paper (matte, recycle looking, gorgeous!) and the delivery was very fast. This place has just become new my favourite printing place!


  1. Like the card...beautiful design...I'd like to keep it in mind and will use for Metal business cards when i needed.

  2. Not enough can be said about a great business card! Having something flashy and unique is extremely underrated. Marketing is so important for businesses today and between my new business cards and hiring the top seo company my business is booming. Exchanging business cards is exciting, especially when they look great like yours!

  3. It’s so nice that they even gave your business cards a box holder. Your business card is simple, but looks very professional. It’s nice that they used recycled paper. That would definitely help the environment a lot. Kudos to them!

    >Ivette Haggerty

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