Aug 7, 2012

Promotional cards!

I've decided to print some postcards to do some promotion to magazines and today I received these in the mail... how excited!!
The postcards turned out REALLY good, the quality is incredibly amazing.
I printed them with Moo and I definitely highly recommend them. For two reasons:
1) it's the only online printing business that I know that prints different images at ones (if you know others, especially Aussie ones, please shout!) So I've ordered 60 cards with 4 different designs. I think this is very valuable for promotion purposes, so that I can send the right image to the right magazine!
2) the quality is amazing. The colours are very very similar to the ones in the files that I've sent and the paper stock they use is amazingly thick.
The only problem is that Moo doesn't have an Australian store so every time I need to order from the US. Hopefully they will open one here soon as well!!

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