Jul 22, 2012

Victoria Jamieson Illustration course

Hey! Today I found something I REALLY need to share. Because it's so good that needs to be shared!
So, I've found the blog of illustrator and teacher Victoria Jamieson. A while ago she published on her blog summaries of classes she did to her students about how to create picture books. They're quick sums of a whole classes but really packed of super useful info from beginning to end!! I really recommend to read all of them if you're interested in illustrating and/or writing a picture book.
The followings are the links to the lessons in random order. Enjoy and let me know if you've founded it amazing as I did!!

Image composition
Characters 2
Narrative structure
Narrative structure 2
Great tips for illustrators


  1. Thank you for linking me to such a great blog! Love your blog too, your work is lovely :) x

  2. I'm so glad you loved that too!! I think her lessons were brilliant and incredibly useful!