May 19, 2012

COW International Design Festival

A month ago I entered an illustration exhibition called COW International Design Festival.
It's a huge exhibition organised in Ukraine dedicated to illustration and design. To enter is free and this year 96 artists are taking part at the event... I'm the only one representing Australia!:)
It's actually a competition as well so there will be winners and prizes... One of the jury member is the founder of 3x3!!
I saw some of the entry on the facebook page and some of them are just FABULOUS so I seriously doubly I could win something... but, how it's said, you never know!

Here it is a picture from the event... can you spot my illustrations on the wall??:)

If you want to have at more photos of the opening night and the list of the participants (yesss, there's my name in there!!:)) follow this LINK here.

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