Mar 22, 2012

The Year of the Dragon Postcards

A few weeks ago I submitted one of my illustrations to the lovely folks at Avant Card and because they liked it they decided to print it into postcards! These postcards are now distribuited in Avant Cards stands all around Australia. This is for me a massive opportunity to get my work out there, how amazing!

I was very excited when they told me that they chosen one of my pieces to get printed. And I'm even more excited today that I received 500 dragon postcards at my front door for free!!

If you live in Australia and have a chance to see an Avant Card stand, look for my postcard, grab one and enjoy it! :)


  1. Hi there Laura! I discovered your site through Illustrationmundo and I must say that I love your work! I'm a recent illustration grad as well and I can really relate to all of your posts mentioning self-promoting and career excitement (and I love your "5 year business plan" piece.) So as a follower I just thought I'd pop by and say hi, and good luck!!

  2. Thank you Caitlin!! I love your illustrations too... so many details!!