Feb 19, 2012


Hello friendly people!
I haven't write anything in the last two weeks because a friend of mine came to visit from Italy and we had a wonderful two weeks holiday together, so basically I was too busy having fun to write on the blog!:) Now I feel recharged and ready to be productive again!

The first thing I would like to do is sharing with you this awesome book called Wildwood written by Colin Meloy and illustrated by the unbelievably awesome Carson Ellis.

I haven't bought and read the book yet, but I will (hopefully soon!). In the meantime I read things about it all around the internet and I can't wait to have a copy of it.

On the book's blog you can find the process for the illustration cover. When I read it I was totally amazed since she revealed how long took her to do that and how hard was to come up with the final piece.
I believe it's always incredibly fascinating looking at other people processes because it's almost like going inside their heads and retrace the exact path they went through in order to come up with the final... so fascinating!!

Please have a look, it's interesting and beautiful

Wildwood blog

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