Dec 15, 2011

Merry Xmas!!

Even if now in Australia is sunny and warm and basically to me it doesn't look like Christmas at all, it's actually Christmas time!
In fact, I grown up in the northern part of Italy, near Swiss, where Christmas is really cold and I must admit it's very difficult to get excited when all around you scream the exact opposite of it.
But here we are, Christmas is around the corner and I think it's now time to show you the Christmas card I did a while ago! I did this at school in screen printing class and I had lot of fun doing it.

This is instead the original design done digitally in Photoshop.

I used two different layers/colors which create a third one when overlapping. Cool, uh?

As you can see in the printed version, not all the details came through... My fault, cause the design was too small (A6/A5 size), it would have worked better if it was a A4 size.

Anyway, since it's Christmas time (I really need to repeat this to myself several times every day otherwise it's hard to believe!!) I also decided to give you a little "present"!
I really want to share this amazing Idea Generator post that I found last night. It's written by the awesome illustrator Jillian Tamaki. She used to teach at Parsons (I'm not sure if she still do that) and this is a lecture she gave to her students about how she creates her work.
Interesting!! And incredible useful too.
So enjoy the article and have a incredible merry Christmas!!


  1. Hey Laura, happy xmas for you!! :D I love the card,I´m starting a screenprinting class myself :)

  2. Thank you!! Good luck with your screenprinting class, I bet it'll be lot of fun!