Sep 21, 2011

What a day!

What a day yesterday!
So many things happened in just one day that I felt I couldn't even be able to appreciate them properly all at once.
First of all in the morning I started to work on a new project.
British magazine Stylist has started a competition where readers can submit their illustrated cover and the winner will see his own artwork on the 100th issue. The theme is celebration and I've decided to try. Yay! Sounds exciting. To read more just follow this link

Design Stylist 100th cover

Then in the afternoon I went to the Australian Academy of Design here in Melbourne to see a talk given by Shaun Tan. And how nice! He is such a good speaker and you could tell by listening to how he speaks about illustration that he is such an honest artist.
I was amazed by his talk I decided to bought a book and I've got it signed!

If you haven't got a chance to see him live yet, you can watch this speech he gave at the University of WA on the ABC website.

Shaun Tan Talk

After that, I went to the Blue Tile Lounge, a little bar in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, where my friend and classmate Donna last week organized a little exhibition with some of the screen print work we did at school.

(Sorry, photos are terrible but it was very dark in there!)

As I said already, what a day... !

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