Aug 11, 2011

Digital Artist magazine

Last week I found out about Digital Artist, a magazine which is basically all about digital and traditional illustration. Awesome!
I've read three numbers so far and I'm looking forward to read all of them!

I really love the fact it's all about illustration and painting instead of including design as well, which is what almost every art magazine that I know does.
In each issue there are a lot of interviews of awesome illustrators (e.g. Meg Hunt and Victo Ngai, yaaaay!), tutorials and, finally, illustrators work process.
Everyone has a different work process and getting to know about how other people manage to get an illustration done is one of the thing I find the most interesting.

I must say, each process is not described accurately but at least it gives a general idea of HOW TO, which I think is good. For example I really liked the article in issue number 14 about how Simon Wild build a palette for an illustration. Interesting!

Because it's a British publication I decided to buy a digital version of it which is half the price. You can do that if you have an iphone or, even better, an ipad and download the application where you can buy single numbers. Otherwise the traditional paper version of the mag here in Australia I think it's over 10 dollars each number... gulp!

Today they are going to release issue number 23. I can't wait!!

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