Jun 1, 2011

Good books to have

Last week I got a parcel in the mail with these inside

I bought them from Amazon since there was a wonderful free shipping offer to Australia, otherwise I never buy from it... shipping is too expensive (when the hell are they going to make an australian version of it??). Anyway. I got these books that I fancied for a while and I'm so happy that I finally bought them because, of course, they're amazing! Especially the Guild handbook which is full of info about anything related to the illustration market. Before, I thought it was just a guide for pricing, instead it's an exhaustive source about reps, contracts, legal issues, trade customs, dos and don't in every kind of situation, and so much more.

"Artist's and Graphics designer's market" is instead a very long list of names and contact details of art buyer you can contact to expand your market.
I haven't given it a proper look yet but it looks a really good tool for enhance your list of possible clients and find exactly the ones appropriate for you, since the book also give tons of info about each single company and want they are looking for.
The only downside is that it just covers the United States market. There's also another version of it specialized in the children's book market only... maybe next year I'll buy that too.

So, there are my first impressions about these books. Feel free to share yours!

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