Jun 12, 2011

1st rule to success

Some time ago, while I was listening to some EFII podcasts, this idea popped into my mind.

They were talking about the importance of finish whatever project you've started. And it could sound such an obvious thing to say, but it's actually not. Have you ever found yourself starting 200 hundred projects at once but then finish only 2 of them? To me it happens all the time.
Therefore I've decided to make a resolution and finish every project I will do in the future.

So today after lunch I did this. And I finished it!!:)


  1. oh this is so true, i juggle so many projects and find myself eventually abandoning work,but then this makes me feel rubbish...i love this blog post and if this was a print i would have it in my studio :0)

  2. Hi Laura!
    great stuff I looove your style! Really!
    I totally agree about the finishing projects thing. sigh. i don't know how many unfinished projects i have lying in my computer.. i think it also helps to be less ambitious and do short little pieces everyday if possible! please check out my blog too!