May 21, 2011

Sketchbook Project 2012

Finally I completed the very first pages of my sketchbook project and I must admit I'm quite excited about it...!
Being always busy, it has been quite difficult to find time for this so far tho, but I'm very determined in doing this... plus is lots of fun!!
I've decided to draw a lot of maps because it's something I've never done that I'd really would like to work on and eventually be good at.
For the cover and the first page I've used sharpies and for the second pastels and pen.
Please, feel free to give me advice about it or say your thoughts. Exchange of knowledge does moves the world.


  1. These are so lovely! I too love the idea of maps :-) my sketchbook theme is 'travel with me' really looking forward to getting started soon!

    Have you heard of 'They Draw & Cook'? If not, or if so, you should look them up, they have just started a collaboration - free to participate! - titled 'They Draw & Travel', and as it was with me, I think it is right down your street as you get to submit illustrations of maps!

    Hope this is of interest and helps :-)


  2. Hey Charlotte, you've just given me a quite amazing feedback!! So happy you like the idea and I've actually picked travel with me too as a theme!! I think a quite interesting and versatile one! Also, I do know draw and travel and I think it's an amazing project! I definitely will draw something for it, have you?

  3. hi Laura, thank you for sharing your first pages, I love your quirky cheerful maps and look forward to seeing more

    I have chosen "along the line" as my theme and am hoping to make a start on my book this weekend

  4. hey laura...i just read about the sketchbook project while browsing the net. i went thru the FAQs but i still am confused as to by when we have to submit the sketchbook?