May 26, 2011

Shaun Tan in Melbourne

Hello world, I've just found out in September Shaun Tan is going to be in Melbourne having a presentation at the Australian Academy of Design.

I'm going to quote the flier of the event:

"Join Shaun as he takes the audience through his creative process and his journey as an artist/writer, which has involved moving from painting to illustration, and then graphic novels to film, with the central theme that everything comes from a very local and personal source.

The presentation will be part of an Exhibition on the making of Shaun’s Oscar winning film “The Lost Thing”. Registration includes an invitation to attend the Australian Academy Awards in Animation following Shaun’s presentation.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity! Tickets only $25 per person and are strictly limited".

Therefore, for God's sake, don't miss out this event, it will be fun! So if any Melbournians want to come I suggest to book soon! And please let me know!! It would be nice to meet there.

For more info visit

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