May 14, 2011

Pet portrait

In the last month, one of the many projects I was working on was a submission for the magazine Uppercase, which is a very cool Canadian magazine about design and art. The call asked for pet portraits submissions.

What I've come out with it's this picture down here.
The one in it is supposed to be my cat, but actually, this cat doesn't look like mine at all (that is black, by the way) but my main idea was to imagine what he could have been like if it would have been humanized.
And I believe he would be a crazy emperor who heads a whole nation, with mania of grandeur and a deviated personality who would lead him to become a pyromaniac.
Therefore it's no accident my cat's name is Nero.

As you can see, the style I choose it's not mine at all. But I'm still learning every day, and so experimenting with a lot of different techniques. And I must say I found very fun this watercolor technique done in Illustrator. If you want to know how to do it check this tutorial.

(click to enlarge)

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