Apr 14, 2011

Hidden Images

Some weeks ago it came up at my school someone was looking for an illustrator to do a job.
I was so excited and so positive I could have won that I went to work straight away and in a day and a half (which is probably a long period of time for something like this... but honestly I have no idea) I produced this piece down here. It is supposed to be an "hidden image" for kids where there are objects hidden inside it. There are five of them -a ring, an envelope, mountains, a heart and a pencil. Are you able to find them?

PS= I didn't get the job... but I'm not discouraged. I know next time is going to better!:D


  1. A day and a half it´s a very short time! You´ve done a great job!

  2. Ohh very glad too here that, thank u!!:D