Feb 6, 2011


Hello folks!
I've been away from this blog for a whole week but I've been busy lately, changes are coming (details later on!) and I've also been working on some drawings...
I'm trying to define my style better; I would like female audience and children to be my main target so I'm trying to go in that direction...

I'm pretty happy with this week results but I think I still have to work a lot on colors and backgrounds... and who knows what else..!:)
Comments and suggestions are appreciated!

Have a good Sunday, people. 


  1. I love the color combination of the first one. I can imagine it in a page of some yoga/exercise or parenting magazine.

    I love the girl jumping too. her expression and action is lovely. But I think the background looks rigid. How about making the top pale pink sky blend in more smoothly with the green pane?

    Just my two cents but I hope it helps :-)

  2. Thank you Pavinee for the tip! I think you're absolutely right, probably a fade between the sky and the ground is what is missing in this pic!
    I would I've never thought about it, but now that you told me it seems so obvious! I'll definitely try to do it with my next pics... thanks!!