Feb 7, 2011

Tips and tutorials

In these past few months looking around the web try to find info about the illustrators market, I've found out there's a big bunch of professional illustrators out there who are amazingly open and ready to help newbies like me with tips and blog posts about their personal experience as beginners and then professionals.

Personally I think this is really fantastic because the feeling I've got since the very beginning it's not illustrators are an aggressively competitive group of sharks ready to do anything to stay alive in such a competitive business (but which business is not competitive nowadays??) but exactly the opposite.
As I said, I'm a newbie so maybe I could be wrong about this, but this is the impression I've got so far. And it's a good one. So good that is contagious and inspires me to do the same.

Unfortunately I'm not already that good to give my own advice to people yet. But I will! ...One day. Maybe. Ahah. Anyway. In the meantime I'd like to share what I've found on the web that I think could be useful to somebody else as it has been for me so I've decided that I'm going to publish a post now and then of useful things I found out there and you'll find them on the tips and tutorial label of this blog.

The first one I'm going to talk about right now is a nice blog post by Kery Smith titled How to start as an illustrator. This is such a general and wide topic that a post would never be enough, but what I like about this post it that she gives lots of advice about illustration books to read and I always like when people do that because there are so many illustration books/guides out there that I never know which one is worth to read.
So make some tea and spend 5 minutes of your day to read this, if you like.


  1. Thank you for sharing:)
    I've found this http://www.n8w.com/wp/552 useful

  2. Thanks for sharing too!! This is soo useful as well!!