Feb 24, 2011

News + washing line

So far 2011 has been really good for me and that's why I'm pretty happy and cheerful lately. Moreover, a lot of new and exiting things have been happening!
Firstly, I've finally quit my job as video editor and gone to school again! It was a stressful decision but I'm really positive about it.
Now I'm studying illustration at NMIT here in Melbourne and so far the school looks good and stimulating. Please, wish me luck...!:D

Also, next week my mom is coming to visit me from Italy. We've already planned trips and tours to visit Melbourne and other nice places around Victoria. So, basically, this means I'll be away from this blog for the next two weeks, sorry folks!:(
Anyway, wish me luck for this too, because two weeks with my mom could be really challenging...!:P

Anyway, before I'll set the holiday-with-mom mood, I'm going to post about this little job I've just finished.

Created with Illustrator (but with no tablet!! I'm still hoping to get one soon...) I mean to use it as a banner, maybe this blog's header (which really need to be changed!!) or more likely the banner of the Etsy shop I'm planning to opening! Yes, the plan is to open it hopefully by the end of April. The main problem for me is to find an affordable and good printer here in Australia which accept also not-bulk orders.
Any suggestion?


  1. Good for you for pursuing your dream! That is a very courageous thing to do and a great way to live without regrets... I like how you incorporated every almost every aspect of clothing on the line.

  2. Thank u Kristin! It's very nice of you to say that, I really appreciate your support...!:D